Selecting a product warehouse
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If the "Working with warehouses" field is enabled in the Warehouses" section, you will be able to select a warehouse for each product in the order, however, free stock balances will not be displayed.

For each item, when you click on "Warehouse not selected", a form with a list of all active warehouses will open. When you click on a warehouse line, all available products for this item are reserved. Pressing it again cancels the selection.

If you need to select items from different warehouses, you can manually specify the number of items on different lines, so that the total matches the quantity in the order. If you have exceeded the value, the system will inform you.

After the reservation of a given item, it becomes possible to divide the reservation by quantity or by warehouse. To do this, click on the appropriate button under the reservation line.

Dividing by warehouse is available only if one item is reserved in different warehouses.

Dividing by quantity depends on how the product is specified in the order - either as an integer or a fractional number. For example, with the whole accounting of products, dividing a commodity item in the quantity of one piece will be impossible. The minimum value for splitting with fractional accounting is 0.001.

You can only select or change a warehouse in an order that has already been saved. This means that first you need to add the product and save the order, and then make changes.

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