Editing product leftovers
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The stock balances for one product can be edited on the products page in the "Stock balances and reservation" tab. Read more about this in the related section].

You can also view the stock balances in the general list of products, within one group, in the context of one store, etc. - just as you set filters for the list of products. You can do this on the "Stock balances" page in the "Warehouse" section.

Use filters for convinience when working with large product stock balances. In addition to the main filters, you can also filter by the size of stock balances and specify a particular warehouse. For example, if you configure the filter for a particular warehouse specifying the stock balance from 1 to 15, the results will show all products with the stock balance in the specified range in the selected warehouse.

Editing stock balances in the product list

Activate the option"Editing of stock balances"in the warehouse settings so that the corresponding option appears in the list of products and the product itself.


Auto return of the stock balances of products is not performed when an external warehouse system is active.

Please note that the corresponding rights in the user group settings are responsible for allowing users to edit stock balances.

If the right is active for the user, then the button“Edit stock balances”will appear on the “Stock balances” page. Clicking on this will allow editing of the values ​​of the stock balances for each product variety in each warehouse.

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