How to set up auto-reservation of products
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This section describes how to enable automatic reservation of products in the warehouse, based on a certain order status. Auto-reservation is carried out taking into account the type of warehouse, their order and product purchase price.

Auto-reservation is available only after activating the option "Reservation of remaining goods" in the "Warehouse" section.

When the setting"Auto-reservation"is enabled (in the corresponding tab), a number of parameters must be filled in order for the system to function correctly. Required fields are marked with asterisks. It is also necessary to take into account a number of features:

  • Products are reserved in warehouses with the types "Warehouse", "Online store" and "Retail store". To reserve products in warehouses with the type "Supplier's warehouse", enable the "Allow purchasing from suppliers" setting. Warehouse setup is outlined in the corresponding article .
  • Reservation of products is made in the warehouse with the lowest serial number. If you need to reserve a product in several warehouses, then the order of these warehouses should be ascending. This order can be changed in the warehouse settings.
  • If the system has several warehouses with the same order, but the purchase prices of products in the warehouses are different, the products are reserved in the warehouse with the lowest purchase price.

"Order status for which auto-reservation is triggered"- select the order status for which the products will be automatically reserved in the warehouse.

"The status into which the order is transferred in case of a product shortage"- the status into which the order will be transferred if it was not possible to reserve at least one product.

"Allow reservation of one item in several warehouses"- the value is set depending on the number of the used warehouses. The option works as follows: first, a warehouse with a sufficient quantity of products is searched one by one.


Reservations at multiple warehouses will only be made if there is no warehouse with a sufficient stock balance to reserve the entire item.

After activation, two more options become available:

*"Allow item to be split by warehouses"- in case of reserving the products in several warehouses, the item is automatically split by warehouses. If an integrated delivery has already been issued for the order, the item will not be automatically split.

*"Allow purchasing at suppliers"- this setting works only if the "Allow reserving one item in several warehouses" option is enabled. If there are not enough products in your warehouses, the reservation is made at the suppliers. "Supplier" means a warehouse entered into the system as a "Supplier warehouse" type. The supplier from whom the product will be purchased is also determined by the order of the warehouse and the lowest purchase price.

Please note that only one supplier can be selected for one item.

After saving, when the order status changes to the one specified in the setting"Order status, when auto-reservation is triggered"- items in warehouses will be automatically reserved in the order.

If the required number of leftovers could not be reserved in the warehouses for at least one item of the order, the order is transferred to the status specified in the setting"Status to which the order is transferred in case of a shortage of products".

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