How to set up an integration with Geohelper
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"Geohelper" is a service for working with addresses, postal codes and time zones. Below we will consider the module settings.

The "Use hints of geographic objects" option gives you hints for regions, cities and streets when filling in an address.

Deactivating this option will:

  • disable the recognition of local time in the selected region;
  • disable the recognition of the postal code by the address;
  • make it impossible to calculate the cost of delivery at the level of cities and regions (if such settings are available).

The "Determine local time by phone number" option allows you to determine the region, mobile operator, and local time by phone number. This information is displayed in the order/customer card next to the phone number. The local time is taken into account when specifying the time limits for sending SMS messages, and is used in triggers using the local_time function.

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