"Key indicators" widget
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The "Key indicators" widget displays key order-related indicators.

The graphs show data reflecting the change in indicators over time. If an indicator is red, it means that there has bee a decrease in the value for the specified period compared to the previous one (for example, for the last week compared to the previous one).

Let's consider several indicators: Gross profit

Gross profit is calculated according to the formula: order revenue (cost of products + delivery cost) - variable costs .

Average order value

The "Average order value" (AOV) indicator displays the sum of all purchases made by customers for a certain period of time, divided by the number of checks for the same period.

Average order processing time

The indicator "Average order processing time" displays the average time taken for an order to move to the "Completed" status. Please note that the average time is only influenced by the filter on the time period and store.

The settings allow you to specify which parameters should not be taken into account in the outcome indicators. Available for selection:

  • do not include canceled orders
  • do not include orders with zero value
  • exclude delivery cost

Viewing all available indicators and graphs on one page.

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