"Sales funnel" widget
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The widget shows you the path that the customer takes from the moment they enter the site and places an order until the execution of the completed order, helping to determine at what stage, and for what reason, difficulties arose. The widget contains two tabs with process visualization tools.

The concept of a sales funnel assumes that a sale is a process of stages. The prospect customer and the salesperson go through the stages of the selling process: from the "cold" (top) to the "warm" (bottom).

At the same time, for an online store, the first stage of a sale begins from the moment when the customer crossed the threshold of the store's website. It is recommended to track the earlier stages of the funnel (i.e advertising) that is, the very first contact between the audience and the online store. This sales funnel is displayed by combining and visualizing data from web-based analytics (Google Analytics ) and from the system.

How else is the data available in the sales funnel?

In addition to displaying the number of customers by stages of the sales funnel, the following data is displayed:

*Time*spent by the customer in this status Percentage of customers**who have reached the current stage, based on the total number of visitors to the site *Sum of orders(sum of products and delivery) in the "Cost" column

  • When you hover over any pair of adjacent statuses, the percentage of transitionsfrom the top to the bottom status is displayed.

It is important to remember that the“Received”tab does not reflect the current distribution of orders by stages. Each stage corresponds to data on orders received during the specified period and passed through this stage, while these orders themselves may currently be in other stages.

The"Changed status" tabshows the number of orders that have moved to this status for a selected period. In contrast to the "Received" tab, all transitions to the status are counted, and not only from the previous stage.

The"Now" tabcontains information about the current status of orders.

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