Stages of the sales funnel
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A dialogue with the customer begins from the loading of the landing page in an online store. The main goal of task a store's website is to consistently help customers to find a desired product, explain the conditions of the sale and accept the order.

1. Visitors

This is the total number of unique visitors who visited the site for the specified period.

2. Remained on the site

Visitors who did not leave the site after viewing the first page.

For an online store, landing pages are both product pages and "landing pages" specially prepared for these purposes - these are elements of the store's first contact with a customer. The quality of these elements can be assessed by the number of refusals.

3. Quality visitors

Quality visitors are those visitors remaining on the site who display behavioral characteristics similar to those of the customers of the online store. To display the share and number of quality visitors for a specified period in the system, additional configuration of Google Analytics segments (and the uploading of indicators relating to the quality visitors segment) through the API is required. In order to correctly set up a segment, conduct a preliminary analysis of the behavior of visitors placing orders in the store.

4. Carts

There are questions that are not related to the convenience and visual appeal and convenience of the store's website; these are business questions: at what price you sell the products, which of the declared assortment is available for purchase on the website, on what conditions and to which regions are the deliveries carried out, which payment methods you accept etc. The impact of these questions on profit should be monitored by the proportion of conversions from quality visitors to carts and new orders. Attention should be paid to these indicators when changing the conditions of payment and delivery. In order to track carts, an additional Google Analytics setup is required.

5. New orders

Conversion from carts to new orders is a good indicator for monitoring convenience, clarity, and the absence of technical and logical errors. Don't forget that at this stage the terms of service have a strong influence. Some customers think about the terms of delivery only after the cart has been filled and they are already placing an order. The same applies to payment types.

6. Coordination

Track the value and dynamics of the conversion of new orders to agreed / confirmed, as well as in terms of managers to assess the work of staff. It is recommended that you set up automatic monitoring and notify management in case of violation of the established framework of indicators.

7. Assembling

The higher the percentage of confirmed orders that transitioned into completed orders, the better the warehouse service can be deemed to be performing. If you are planning to introduce new technologies for order queue assembly automation, accounting for places and stock balances, then it is better to evaluate the effect of the implementation by this indicator. To track the work of the warehouse during the high season or intensive store growth, it is recommended that you set up automatic monitoring of this indicator.

8. Delivery

The conversion rate from completed orders to shipped ones demonstrates the consistency of the warehouse and delivery service, and the share of delivered products is a measure of how well the delivery service is working. It is recommended that you break down this indicator by product groups presented in the orders of managers. Track both of these indicators for quick business diagnostics.

9. Completed

Orders that buyers have received.

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