How to set up a postponed trigger
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Postponed triggers will not work if you are using demo data.

You can configure postponed triggers in the system that will be initiated automatically at a specified time, after the main trigger has been executed. For example: consider a situation where, three days days after a customer receives their order, you want to send them an email requesting that they leave feedback on the purchase.

To do this, set up a trigger for the transfer of the order to the "Completed" status. If no action is required, then the "Add action" option must be left empty.

In fact, the created trigger will do nothing. It is only required as a starting point for a postponed trigger.

Next, create a new trigger with the "After the trigger for the order has been executed" event. In the "After" field, specify the desired trigger completion date. If necessary, specify a filter and an application condition for the postponed trigger. Then add the action "Send an email for order" with the selection of the required template.

After the expiration date specified in the postponed trigger, it will be executed (providing that the original trigger has been executed).

Let's consider another example of a reminder sent to a customer that their order is at a pickup point. We will send the notification to the customer in two days, providing that the order has not yet been picked up.

This trigger is created in a similar way to the example above. We first need to set up a trigger for the transfer of the order to the “Arrived at a pickup point” status (to automate the reminder process, set up automatic order status change depending on the integrated delivery status). Next, create a postponed trigger with an "After" condition that will send a reminder email to the customer two days later. In the "Filter" field, you can add an order status check (that the order is in the "Arrived at a pickup point" status, and the customer has not yet picked it up).


The time for which the postponed trigger is configured must be between 10 minutes and 24855 days.

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