How to create a new validation check
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Validation- checking the card of the order/customer/corporate customer for compliance with specified conditions. The check is carried out when the order is saved.

Filtering and sorting the validation list

For more convenient work with the validations list it is possible to filter and sort the table contents.

The following fields are available for filtering:

  • Name
  • Symbol code
  • Condition
  • Activity
  • Comment
  • Validation for

By default, the table is filtered by the "Activity" field, where the "Active" value is selected.

Adding a new validation

The interface for configuring validation checks is the same for private customers, corporate customers and orders.

Field meanings:

Condition- the condition under which the validation check is triggered. If the condition is met, the changes will not be saved. For details on condition settings, see related article.

Message- a message that is displayed if a validation check is triggered. The maximum length of a notification is 5000 characters. Use Twig templates for the message.

Information about the triggered validation can be viewed in the action log.

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