Error Notifications when Working with Telegram Module
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Too many errors for the < bot name> account. Please, check the connection.

This error occurs if the majority of the incoming messages cannot be processed correctly by the module. This problem could be caused by the message processing problem on the Telegram’s side.

Please, check your bot operation: Send it a message; the message should appear in the Chats tab.

If the message doesn’t appear, wait for some time. If the problem persists and the messaging is not working, please, contact the technical support.

The messaging for the < bot name> has been stopped. Cause: Incorrect Bot API token.

If this error occurs, please, change the bot token. To do that, please, perform the following:

  1. Open a dialog with @BotFather
  2. Run the command /mybots.
  3. From the list, select the bot with a failed token.
  4. Press the API Token button.
  5. Copy the token shown by @BotFather.
  6. Go to the module settings in your system. Next to the failed connection, press a “pencil” button.
  7. In the opened window, change your old token for the new one that you’ve copied from @BotFather. If the tokens are matched, please, update the token at the @BotFather by opening the Telegram dialog with it and pressing the “Revoke current token” button. Then, copy your new token and repeat the token changing procedure for the module.
  8. Press Save.

Following this procedure, the error shall be fixed.

A Telegram module has been deactivated due to the lack of active connections.

The module will automatically deactivate the system connection if none active bots are connected to it. An active bot is a connected bot with the correct token. If you don’t use the module, you may ignore this message, it will not appear again. Otherwise, do the following:

  1. Activate the module again using the system marketplace.
  2. Update the connected bots’ tokens (using the instructions above).

If deactivation repeats, contact the technical support.

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