Setting up integration with WhatsApp
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Simultaneous work in the system chat and WhatsApp Web (desktop version) is not possible.

WhatsApp account is connected by our technical support staff. From your side, you will need to provide the phone number to which the WhatsApp account is registered. Before contacting, please activate the integration module in the marketplace.

Before connecting, create an API key that will be used to transfer messages. The key is available in the "API access keys" section.

When creating a key, activate the methods of the "Integration","Data books" and "Orders" sections.

The phone number must be provided to our technical support by writing from the system interface or directly to After that, a token will be created for integration with WhatsApp. From our side, a QR code will be sent, which must be scanned through the WhatsApp application to link the account with the messenger's servers.


The mobile phone acts as a server. After disconnecting the phone or lack of the Internet, the connection with the WhatsApp server will be lost and, accordingly, no messages will be received in the system. By default, after turning on the mobile phone or the Internet, the connection is restored automatically. In case the connection is cut off completely - contact our technical support to get a new QR code.

The search for the created account is carried out by the phone number to which the account is registered.

You can also use a link of the form:<number>, where <number> is the full phone number to which the WhatsApp account is connected.

For example:

Note that a link like will not work.

For more information on working with chat, see related article.

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