Resolving Errors Received from Notifications
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Too many errors for the < WhatsApp account name> account. Please, check the connection.

This error occurs if the majority of the incoming messages cannot be processed correctly by the module. In most cases, it takes place when the provider has a message processing problem. For the quick functional check, try to send a message to the connected WhatsApp number: It should appear in Chats. Normally, these errors are fixed naturally in the course of time. Try to wait for some time. If the problem persists and the messaging is not working, please, contact the technical support.

The messaging for the < WhatsApp account name> has been stopped. Cause: The channel doesn’t exist.

This error occurs when the connection to the phone number is eliminated by the provider. The connection could be eliminated manually from the WhatsApp application or it could be lost when migrating your WhatsApp account to another smartphone. Also, this type of account deactivation sometimes takes place when there is a major communication failure between WhatsApp and a provider.

To reactivate the messaging, do the following:

  1. Go to the Marketplace tab of your system.
  2. Find a WhatsApp QR module and go to its page.
  3. Press the “Go to my account” button.
  4. In the linked WhatsApp numbers list find the one with the problem.
  5. Press the Scan the code in this number’s field button (It can be found in the actions list; It is easy to recognize from the pop-up tip appearing when you point the cursor).
  6. Scan the code using your WhatsApp app on your smartphone.


The code must be scanned from the number that was previously connected to the account. If you use another number, the consequences shall be unpredictable: From the failed messaging to the number’s blocking.

Following this procedure, the error shall be fixed.

The WhatsApp module has been deactivated due to the lack of active connections.

The module will automatically deactivate the system connection if none active phone numbers are connected to it. An active phone number is a number with an active WhatsApp Web session. If you don’t use the module, you may ignore this message, it will not appear again. If you do use the module and you have received this message, activate your module again and update the session for the connected phone numbers (according to the instructions from the previous point). If deactivation repeats, contact the technical support.

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