OpenCart integration: Features
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You can integrate the online store on OpenCart with RetailCRM using the module located on

This module allows you to:

  • upload new orders and customers from OpenCart to the system;
  • update data on existing orders, taking into account the changes made on OpenCart;
  • upload new orders from the system to OpenCart;
  • upload promotion prices for specific products;
  • update data on existing orders in OpenCart, taking into account the changes made to the system;
  • generate a catalogue of products on the OpenCart side to be uploaded to RetailCRM;
  • transfer the "Online" status of buyers and set up the transfer of requests from the Daemon Collector form.


When importing orders into the system for version 6, orders created in the last 7 days are charged. In the 7th version of the system, on the "Professional" tariff, orders are not charged. Additionally, when importing an archive, we recommend disabling all triggers responsible for sending E-mail and SMS messages.

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