Working with corporate clients in PrestaShop
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To support the corporate clients function in PrestaShop, activate the "Enable support for corporate clients" checkbox in the module settings (in the "Connection" block).

System data Synchronisation in PrestaShop

When creating a corporate client in the system, a client will be uploaded to PrestaShop. This will be the designated contact person for this corporate client.

Synchronization from PrestaShop to the system

If, when creating a client on the PrestaShop side, the "Company" field is filled in its address, then a new corporate client will be uploaded to the system.

When creating a corporate client, the name of the organisation will be written in the following fields:

  • Name of the corporate client;
  • Company name.

If in PrestaShop the client has specified “Company”, and the billing and delivery addresses are filled in, then upon uploading to the system, the invoicing address will be indicated in the corporate client's card in the "Company block" in the Registration address field, and the delivery address in the Addresses ".

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