List of corporate customers
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The section is completely identical to the customers list, with the exception of several filters that are available only for corporate customers.

Let's consider the operation of one of the filters:

Using the “Corporate customer” filter, you can search for and find the required corporate customers in the list. Multiple values can be selected in the filter, and you can also search by a part of the value (i.e the first letters of a name). The name of the corporate customer, the company name or its TIN are used for searching. When typing a query, the system displays a list of matches, from which you can select a specific corporate customer or click “Enter” and set a filter condition for the search. The “or'' condition is applied to several conditions in the filter, which allows you to display several different results simultaneously in one list. The “and” condition is applied to all other filters.

How to combine corporate customers

You can combine corporate customers from the list. To do this, select the customers and click the “Combine” option in the “Actions” menu.


Note: no more than 50 corporate customers can be combined at the same time.

A form will open in which you need to select the main client. When performing the action, companies, contact persons and addresses, as well as notes, calls, SMS, letters, tasks, and files will be combined. If there is a conflict of fields, the data of the main client is saved.

For more information about combining, see related article .

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