List of created rules
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Clicking on one of the six mechanics will allow you to create a rule that will apply to the selected mechanics.

The list of mechanics can be sorted by creation date or by execution date. This sorting is available at the top of the section, on the left. On the right, you can select how to display statistics on the rules: for all the time or for a week.

A filter collapsed by default is available to the right of the mechanics name. If you click on the "Show filter" link, it will be possible to search by the name of the rule and the segments it contains.

To create a rule, click on the "New rule" button.

Each rule has a counter that shows the number of orders placed due to the rule and their amount. When you click on any of these indicators, you are redirected to the "Executions" section. The segments selected in the rule and on which the actions will be executed are displayed below.

A chain of selected actions for the rule is also displayed. Thus, you don’t have to open the rule settings to see all step-by-step actions this rule consists of.

When you click on the name of the rule, you are redirected to the statistics page. The "Edit" button allows you to edit the rule, while the “Duplicate” button duplicates the rule with all its conditions and settings. The duplicated rule will be deactivated by default. Three dates are displayed below: the creation date, the date of the last edit and the date of the rule execution.

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