Companies (for corporate customers)
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Data related to the company/s associated with the selected corporate customer can be entered in the “Companies” block. To add a new company, click the “Add a company” button. A pop-up window will open in which you can specify the main details about the company, as well as legal/financial details.

Configuring a company

The “Main” checkbox is responsible for automatic substitution of the company data when creating an order if the corresponding option is enabled.

A corporate customer can only have one "main" company to be associated with. If another company is marked as the as the main company, the latter becomes the main company. The data of the main company is displayed in the list of corporate customers.

In the “Address” field, you can enter the corporate customer's addresses. This will allow for faster data inout into the “Delivery” block when arranging orders for this company. Only the addresses which were previously created in the corporate customer card can be bound to the company.

How to create and work with addresses will be discussed in the next article.

The created company is displayed in the corresponding block. If you click on the company name, additional information will be opened in view mode. This information isn’t displayed in collapsed view.

To edit company data, click the “Edit” icon in the right part of the block -

The following icon indicates that this is the corporate customer's main company -

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