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In the "Customer type" field, select which entity the order will be assigned to. There are two options available for selection: "Client" and "Corporate Client". Read about how to work with corporate clients in an order through this link .

On the order page, you can view and edit the buyer's data or follow the link to his card. To the right of the link, a cross icon is displayed, when clicked, the client is unlinked from the current order. This feature is used if, for example, an order was mistakenly assigned to another client. To the right of the link, the line "Orders" is displayed, which shows the total number of orders placed and separately the number of canceled ones.


It is impossible to unpin a client if actions related to bonuses were performed in the order and the order is in the “Completed” status group. To unlink the client you need to cancel actions with bonuses and transfer the order to a different status.

Next, the icons of the messengers in which the communication with the client took place are displayed. Clicking on the icon opens the corresponding chat dialog . You can also go to the dialogue from the header of the order page by clicking on the "Go to the dialogue" button.

If the client has duplicates, their number and a button for viewing and merging will be displayed next to the "Email" and "Phone" fields. Read more in the article "Working with duplicates" .

The local time is displayed next to the phone number. Clicking on it shows the region, time zone and mobile network operator of the client.

Under the block with the buyer's data, information about the Loyalty Program in which he is a member is displayed, and also a link to the participation card, the name of the Program and his status.

How email and SMS validity are checked

To the right of these fields are icons indicating the validity of the data. Validity is determined in real time upon opening the order / customer card, and when sending an email or SMS. The phone number is checked against the format of the international number (from 10 to 15 digits). If it does not correspond to the validation, the message “Does not match the format of the international number” is displayed.

The validity of the email address is checked according to the following parameters:

  • Compliance of the address with the RFC standard (valid e-mail format)
  • DNS (if the specified domain exists and the MX record is present)
  • The address is not registered on a temporary service

How to update customer information in an order

If the specified values ​​do not correspond to the validation, it will not be possible to send emails and SMS to this order.

If new information has appeared in the customer profile, you can use the data update function by clicking on "Add customer data". The order fields will be filled in with missing values. If there is no such data, the button will not be displayed. The function of uploading additional data for the delivery address works in the same way. More details about this function can be read in the article "Output of customer data to the order card".

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