Output of customer data to the order card
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It's possible to display the customer fields from the order card in the "Customer" block. To view this information in the order, you must click on the "More" button. If the selected field in the customer card is empty, then it will not be displayed in the order.

When creating an order for an existing customer, it is not necessary to manually enter all of their data. It is enough to simply enter the first characters (letters or numbers) in any field, and the system will make suggestions based on current system data. Select the required customer, and their information will be automatically added to the fields of the "Customer" block.

Phone numbers can be entered in any format (89261234567, 8 (926) 123-45-67, (495) 1234567 ext. 123), since the search is performed by number.


If you change a customer's data or delivery address in the order, this will be saved only for the current order and will remain unchanged in the customer card. And vice versa - if you change data via the customer card, then it will remain the same in all existing orders.

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