Weight and dimensions
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Within the system, you can display information regarding the weight and dimensions of the product in the order. This is carried out via the function "Display weight and dimensions" (Administration > Settings > Orders) .

If necessary, activate automatic weight calculation in the order, and the option "Automatic calculation of order weight according to the weight of products" (Administration > Settings > Orders) .

If automatic calculation is enabled, each time the number of items in an order changes, the weight of the order will also change.

If the automatic weight calculation option is not enabled, but you need to view the current weight on the order, click on the link"Calculate weight".


The weight is calculated providing that it is specified for all product varieties in the order.

The system gives you a choice of the smallest unit of weight measurement, as well as a choice of integer or fractional measures of weight (Administration > Settings > Settings) .


For automatic weight calculation, two options must be activated: "Display weight and dimensions" and "Automatic calculation of order weight according to the weight of products".

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