Filter templates for searching orders
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In this section, we will focus on the form used to filyer the parameters of the order list and how to save the filter template for further use.

Filter templates are a set of active parameters from a filtering form that can be applied with one click.

Why is this convenient?

If a manager works with only certain types of orders with a set of specific parameters, they shouldn't have to spend time selecting filter paramaters for every order. In the system, a template can be saved so that all fields are filled in automatically.

How to save a template

First, in the filter form, select all the values ​​that you want to save in the template. In our example, this will be a template with the store value ​​"Demo-store", bound to the manager Agatha Harris.

After selecting the necessary filters, click on the "Apply" button. To save the template, click on the "floppy disk" icon ("Save template") and enter the name of the template in the form that appears.

After saving the name, a new template will appear and is highlighted when selected. The template can be saved both for all users and for the user account under which this template is being configured.

Switching and editing the list of templates

To switch between templates, just click on their names above the order list.

To remove filters, click on the "pencil" icon ("Editing"), and in the form that opens, select the desired filters and click on the "Remove" button.

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