Setting up cost items
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The "Cost items" tab is used to add and edit cost items. It is accessed via the "Costs" tab in the system administration settings.

Individual cost items in the list are editable if they have a clickable hyperlink (blue text). If a cost is written in black text (without a hyperlink), it cannot be edited.

To add a new cost item, click on the "Add" button. A new window with configurable fields will then open. The fields include:

Symbolic code- the symbolic code of the cost item. This is used for linking the trigger system or API with cost items.

Order- the order that the cost is displayed in the table.

Group- the group of costs to which the cost item being created/edited belongs. Group of costs are created in the "Costs groups" tab.


When you select the group "Costs for attracting customers", additional fields will appear, such as "Channel", "Source", "Campaign" etc. When entering data into these additional fields - they will automatically be filled in when creating costs in the "Finances" section. Items of this group refer to fixed costs, which are filled in automatically and cannot be changed.

Type- allows you to select the type of cost item. There are two types of costs: "Refers to fixed costs" and "Refers to variable costs".

Refers to order costs- if ticked, the cost item will relate to order costs. That is, when creating a cost, you can link it to an order. Cost creation is also possible from the order card when ticked.

Refers to user costs- if ticked, this cost item will relate to user-based costs. That is, when creating such costs, you can choose the user to which the funds are spent.

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