List of costs
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Costs can be filtered by a range of values. If you click on the "gear" icon in the top right corner of the list under the "New cost" button (this appears when you hover your mouse over the area), you can view the values ​​that are available to include in the filter for the cost list.

Filtering by Employee and Store.

In the cost section, Employee refers to an employee/system operator of the store to which the cost applies. For example, a financial incentive paid to an employee by an employer would be considered by the system as a "Employee" cost.

Similarly, Store costs refers to the specific store to which the cost relates.

Cost items and cost groups are created in the data book settings within the system administration section.

Costs can be exported using the "Export table" button. See related article for details.


Inactive costs (delivery costs and purchase price of a product) cannot be edited or deleted. These costs are created automatically in the system.

How to view costs in the order list

Information about costs in the context of orders can be obtained on the order list page. You can use the cost related filter called "Cost amount", or sort the order list using the cost related columns: "Costs by groups", "Costs by items", "Amount of costs". These are all found in the "Costs" block in the column configurator form (Note: not the cost(s) block)

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