Creating costs in the system
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Costs are created by clicking on the "New cost" button.

Next, a new cost card opens, in which data is filled in for the cost item (value is selected from the list),period (for which the cost applies),store (to which this cost is bound). Also, the amount of the cost and the comment to it are specified here.


If no store was selected during creation, the cost applies to all stores.

Cost items are created and edited in the data books settings in the system.

When you select a cost item from the group "Costs for attracting customers", additional fields appear for filling in.

If, when creating a new cost, you see the "Order" and "User" fields, this means that you have activated the options in the cost item settings for which the selected cost item refers to costs on orders or to costs on users.

In the "Order" field, you can specify the order number to which the cost will be bound, and in the "User" field - the manager.

You can also add a cost using a trigger. Details are available in the relevant article].

The cost is deleted by clicking on the "recycle bin" icon in the lower right corner of the workspace.

About the settings for working with automatic costs (delivery costs and the purchase price of product), read the corresponding article.

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