"Managers activity" widget
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The "Managers' activity" widget shows how many orders, and in which statuses, were transferred by managers. Repeated transfers to the same status are "glued together". The report is built according to the following method:

  • if there is a change author, the indicators are recorded for them (the author of the change may coincide with the responsible manager of the order);
  • in the absence of a change author (API), the indicators are recorded for the manager responsible for the order.

The second axis is configured to display the following parameters:

  • number of orders
  • income
  • gross profit
  • paid amount

Status transitions or payment status transitions are selected as the third parameter.

For example, you need to display the number of orders that are assigned to a manager and are transferred to the payment status. Here, for example, you can see the percentage of paid orders from the total.

Viewing available indicators and graphs on one page. When viewing, it is possible to export a certain indicator in one of four formats: xls, csv, xml and json.

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