"Cancellation" widget
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By default, the widget shows the relationship between the statuses of the cancellation group and the statuses from which they were transferred.

The horizontal axis shows the number of orders. The axis is customizable and can be replaced with income, gross profit or paid amount.

The axes where the cancellation statuses and order statuses are located can be swapped, allowing you to see a different graph - the dependence of order statuses on cancellation statuses, the number and percentage of cancellation statuses that left a specific order status.

When you hover over the area highlited with a certain colour in the graph, information is shown in one line, collected from all axes (the value from the axis to the right, the horizontal axis, the column name and percentages in brackets). Also, when hovering, a text appears below the chart. If you click on a line, you can see the details for a specific status.

The settings allow you to specify which parameters must not be included in the outcome indicators. Available for selection:

  • do not include canceled orders
  • do not include orders with zero value
  • exclude delivery cost

Viewing all available indicators and graphs on one page. When viewing, it is possible to download a specific indicator in one of four formats: xls, csv, xml and json.

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