What is the Assistant bot used for?
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The assistant bot allows you to simplify interactions in the dialogue between the manager and the customer by using certain commands. Assistant bot provides 3 commands for managers:

/delivery - available delivery options
/payment - available payment options
/product - product information

Information sent by the bot can be immediately sent to the customer by the manager.

/delivery and /payment display the delivery types and payment types active at the time the command is used.

Products can be searched for both by article /product A4HW7Q and by name /product XIRO Xplorer

The Assistant bot searches directly for product-item varieties (product variations) and displays the result by the exact match of the article or name.

Please note that messages from the bot are not visible to the customers that you are in dialogue with. These messages are intended for the manager as prompts to be copied. To send information, just click on the "Send to the interlocutor" button.

Shown below is an example of what the Assistant bot display look like in a chat:


It is not possible to supplement the Assistant bot with commands via the system interface. By default, only three predefined commands are available for use, which are listed above.

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