Delivery types (main settings)
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Deliveries will naturally differ due a number of factors, for instance, the delivery region, delivery service, delivery type, urgency of delivery, etc. Delivery costs also differ based on factors such as the delivery time and parcel dimensions/weight.

Most often, deliveries are divided into:

  • delivery by courier;
  • self-pickup;
  • delivery by post/delivery service.

Not all deliveries will be available at certain times. To account for this, you can change the "Activity" value for each delivery. You can then filter by activity on the delivery list page.

Creating and editing a delivery

To add a new delivery, press the "Add" button.

This will open a new page with a variety of fields (fields marked with [*] need to be filled in):

*Symbolic code*- required when accessing the system via API. Integrate with- required for delivery aggregators, where integration with the system is required. Default delivery in the system- used to set the default delivery when creating orders in the system. Services**- used to add a delivery service (you will need to specify the name and symbolic code, and set the activity).

It's possible to specify the countries that are available for delivery. These are activated in the system settings].

In the order card, deliveries are filtered automatically depending on the country selected in the address.


The list of integrated deliveries displays only those deliveries that are available for the countries listed in the system settings.

Setting a delivery cost

In the "Cost" tab, you need to specify the cost of a new delivery (it is automatically specified in rubles, unless a different type of default currency is specified in the settings).

In the "VAT rate" field, select VAT for the delivery type from the drop-down list (where the configuration is being made).

Delivery cost is specified only by number, without reference to currency. This cost is substituted when choosing this type of delivery in the order card, after which it can be corrected.

Binding to a payment type eliminates errors in the correspondence (mapping) between the delivery type and payment types. For example, if the order is sent by post, then it should not be possible to select the "Cash on delivery" payment type.

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