Connecting WhatsApp Business on the side of the provider
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You need to first fill in a form and send it to the provider’s personal manager who will then make the connection. At the same time, an agreement to approve and register a channel is sent. The draft will be given by the provider’s manager.

Specify all templates that will be used when communicating with a customer. The number of templates isn’t limited. It is possible to use variables in the templates; these variables will display all the necessary information depending on the customer.


Currently, the system only supports text templates.

New message templates can be added later. Before using, all message templates must be verified by WhatsApp. Templates are verified by the provider’s employee who will advise when changes are neccessary.


Template messages should not contain any information that stimulates the customer to make a purchase (for example, discounts, bonuses, items of an abandoned cart, personalised product recommendations and so on). The detailed list of requirements for template messages is described in the Facebook help section.

The registration process from the moment the form is sent and the preliminary confirmation from WhatsApp is received takes up to 3 weeks.

All company changes can be sent to your personal manager. Changes in the company description can take three days. Changes in the account name take more time since the new name must be approved by WhatsApp. After the name is approved, it will be changed within 1 week.


It is not possible to carry out two-factor authentication and use the channel until the new name is approved by WhatsApp.

The provider will then send a confirmation request of Facebook Business Manager ID (specified in the Form) via Facebook Business Manager.

You should accept the request (“Requests” section) and confirm your Facebook Business Manager ID. How to accept the request is described in Facebook help.

As soon as the request is accepted, verify your account in the “Security Center” section.

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