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The CoMagic call tracking system allows you to determine the advertising sources from which customer calls were received. Depending on the source, different phone numbers are displayed on the site, so that when you receive a call from a customer, all data related to the session is recorded, including source, search phrases, device, browser, etc.

Integration with CoMagic is considered to be the most comprehensive tracking set-up when configured in conjunction with Universal Analytics.

First, configure the necessary settings in your CoMagic account, connect an online store and set up dynamic call tracking. For call tracking to work correctly on the store pages, JavaScript code is connected, which is displayed in the store settings in CoMagic.

For more information about setting up your personal account, see the corresponding article in the CoMagic documentation.

Next, set up the integration between CoMagic and Universal Analytics. Read more in CoMagic documentation.

Setting up an integration between CoMagic and the RetailCRM

To integrate CoMagic, activate the API key while editing a user in the "User management" section.

After configuring and creating an API key, you need to enter it into the integration module in your system. To do this, you need to go to the Marketplace. Find the module and enter the API key in the field of the same name.

If required, you can only take into account orders with a particular specified registration method, using the appropriate setting.


When your CoMagic integration is activate, you cannot use a UIS telephony system, as they will use their own call tracking functionality. Similarly, when a UIS telephony is active, CoMagic cannot be used.

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