Working with DHL in the order card
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It is possible to ship orders to a delivery service in the system. For more information, see Shipment of orders to the delivery service.

Let's consider an order in which the DHL delivery type is selected. The mandatory fields to be filled in are: "Shipment warehouse", "Weight", "Dimensions" and "City" selected from the list.

Choice of delivery tariff

Next, you need to choose a delivery type. In the pop-up window, all types of delivery tariff are presented. You can also filtering by pick-up point via the "Pickup point address" option.

After choosing a tariff, information about the delivery will be displayed in the order card. After choosing a delivery service, information about the entered data will be saved immediately with the substitution of the cost and delivery time. Delivery cost for the buyer can appear as a separate, editable field, depending on the configuration of the "Delivery cost is set by the store" setting in module settings]. Detailed information on the address and delivery time will also appear.

If you have documents or products that are not subject to duties, activate the checkbox of the same name.

Working with packages

If you need to send several parcels in one order, you can add a package. By default, the entire order is considered one as package with the weight and dimensions equal to the weight and dimensions of the entire order.

When you click on the link, a pop-up window will appear in which you must specify the weight, dimensions and product for each parcel. Here you can add more packages or copy an existing package.


A package can be added for each product separately.

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