Setting up an integration with DHL
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Please note that, after connecting and activating the module, you need to contact DHL technical support to activate the integration. If you receive test data, please contact them again to get "full" access.

Integration with DHL allows you to:

  • Calculate preliminary delivery costs
  • Make delivery requests
  • Print stickers from the interface
  • Display current delivery statuses and set the correspondence between delivery and order statuses

Before connecting the module, create an API-key to facilitate interaction between the two systems. In the created API key, enable the "Delivery" and "Integration" methods in the "Allowed API methods" field.

The DHL integration module is located in the "Integration" section, in the "Deliveries" block. Click on the integration module and then on the "Connect" button to go to the settings.

On the connection page, enter the site id of the sender, password and DHL account number. In addition, you need to enter the API key created above, the system address, and then save the changes.


To obtain these details, contact the commercial representative of DHL in your region, or DHL's technical support team.

Specify the required integration parameters in the module settings. After saving, the integration module is activated.


Let's consider the main settings required to connect DHL.

When you click on the delivery service integration settings, you will be taken to the personal account of the delivery service to configure the necessary settings.

The "Delivery cost" field allows you to choose two options:

  • First "Calculated automatically by the delivery service" - the cost will be transferred automatically from DHL when you select the delivery type and save the order.
  • Second "Set manually" - delivery cost is specified manually or transferred via API.

The "Do not send data to the delivery service by default" option is connected with the field of the same name in the order card, and stops data from being transferred to the delivery service if it has already been selected. If this option is activated, all required fields become optional when registering a delivery.

"Date of last update of delivery statuses" shows when the delivery statuses were last updated. If updates fail, the corresponding error is displayed here.

Payment types

This tab is used to set up available payment types for DHL.


This tab displays available warehouses and their addresses. Warehouse addresses are set in the warehouse settings, in the "Warehouses" section.


In this tab, you can configure the correspondence between DHL statuses and system order statuses, which will automatically amend the order status depending on the status of the item in the order. Compliance data is optional to connect to DHL.

To work with DHL, you need to create a delivery type. This process is described in the following article.

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