Delivery types for DPD
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To use the DPD module in an order, you must create a delivery type. Go to the subsection "Types of deliveries", in "Data books" and click on the "Add" button.

Next, you need to configure the delivery type:

  • Symbolic code- a designation for the type of delivery, which is necessary for processing in the system or external interaction. This is a required field.
  • Integrate with- used to specify that this type of delivery will apply to the DPD integration module. This field needs to be configured once and cannot bed edited once saved.
  • By default in the system- this checkbox is responsible for automatically substituting the delivery type when creating an order manually (in the system).

After saving, the "Cost" tab appears, which sets the default cost and prime cost for the delivery type.

The fields can be edited if, in the DPD integration module the "Set manually" option is selected in the "Delivery cost" section.

If you select “Calculated automatically by the delivery service” or the integration does not allow delivery cost changes, then a corresponding message will appear.


After saving the delivery type, the "Integrate with" field can no longer be edited. If the delivery type is no longer used, you can deactivate it by unticking the "Activity" box.

After creating a delivery type, it is available for use in your orders. The next article] shows you how to work with this delivery type in an order.

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