Configuring integration with KeenDelivery
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Create in the system API-key (Administration>Integration>API access keys>Add) and activate for itmethods of the "Delivery" blocksand"Integration" (field "Allowed API methods") .


Integration with this delivery is only possible if the country of the Netherlands is selected for the store.

We connect to the KeenDelivery integration module: Administration>Integration>Marketplace>Deliveries>KeenDelivery>Connect.

On the connection page, enter:

  • API token;
  • system address;
  • API key generated earlier;
  • time of shipment of goods;
  • preferred sticker format.


API token can be obtained in the "KeenDelivery" Personal Account.

Further module settings are set in the system.

General Tab

Activate the integration by checking the"Activated"option.

The button"Configuring the integration of the delivery service"serves to go to the Personal Delivery Account in order to make settings on the side of the service.

You can enable the display of zero shipping cost in the order by default - option"Zero declared cost by default".

Option"Do not send data to the delivery service by default"is associated with the field of the same name in the order card and allows you not to transfer data to the delivery service if it has already been selected. If this option is activated, all required fields become optional when registering a delivery.

"Date of last update of delivery statuses"shows when the delivery statuses were last updated. If updates fail, the corresponding error is displayed here.

Warehouses tab

Here are the available warehouses and their addresses.

Tab "Statuses"

To configure the correspondence of the "KeenDelivery" statuses and system statuses.

Default Values ​​Tab

To specify default values ​​for some shipping options.

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