Working with KeenDelivery in the order card
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Consider an order for the "KeenDelivery" delivery type.

Mandatory fields for filling are:surname, phone number, shipping warehouseandweight.

The option"Do not send data to the delivery service"allows you not to transfer information on the order to "KeenDelivery". If the option is activated, all required fields become optional when registering a delivery. This functionality is useful in cases when the goods in the order are first made or assembled, and only after that the order is transferred to the delivery service. This option is also available in triggers.

Indicatecity, payment methodandweight.

Now we click on the option"Choose a delivery method"to determine the tariff for delivery.

After choosing the tariff, the information just entered will appear in the order, as well as the cost, delivery time, information on the address and delivery time, etc.


Two more fields may appear:"Delivery ID in the delivery service"and"Shipment number". If the delivery service does not transmit the identifier, then only the number of the shipment will be displayed.

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