Settings for integration with RetailRocket
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The recommendation system RetailRocket allows you to personalize offers for customers. The system identifies the needs of visitors of the online store and, at the right time, makes interesting proposals for them on the site.

To establish a connection with your RetailRocket account, enter the Partner ID, which is available in your personal account.

“Offer related products on the order page”- the setting is responsible for displaying the “Purchased with this product” block in the order details, using the “Related products” link.

"Offer analogues on the order page"- the setting is responsible for displaying the "Analogues" block in the "Related products" pop-up window.

The "Related products" link is displayed in the order card, in the order details block.


The following setting: products also affects what is shown in the "Related products" window.

If the products have a purchase price, and the "Take into account gross profit when ranking products" option is enabled, the list of analogues will display the products with the highest gross profit (that are available) first.

Identifying field in integration with RetailRocket

By default, the system uploads recommendations by passing the externalId. Using the "Identification field" string, you can pass another identifying field that will be used when interacting with RetailRocket. It is important to specify the field that is used to identify products when uploading a catalogue from a store to RetailRocket.


The value of the selected field must be numeric.

  • Used if RetailRocket has been working for a long time and the history of behavior has been accumulated. If you re-upload the catalogue with ID, the history of behavior will be reset.*
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