How to personalise an email for a customer
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Use personalisation to display information about the customer, which will be reflected in the main content of the email. Twig templates are used for email personalisation.

For instance:

<p>Dear {{ customer.firstName }},</p>

<p>Your order №{{ customer.lastOrder }} has been confirmed and directed to the warehouse.</p>

To use personalisation, click on the text field in the email body. A text editing area and the “Merge tags” option will be displayed at the top of the template.

Let’s consider another example: when we add the recipient’s email to the email footer. This is done because the customer must know that he subscribed to the mailing and agreed to receive emails to his current email address.

To add a variable, click on the "Merge tags" option and select "Email". Then the variable must be wrapped in a link. Select the variable and click on the link button in the toolbar. The link has been added, but you need to perform two more steps:

  1. If the link has become white, click on the link and on the left, in the settings panel, select the link colour according to your design.
  2. In the "Link" field, which is located slightly below, select the "Mail" option. Copy the variable and paste it after mailto: to get mailto: {{}}.

Personalisation can also be used in the email subject. To do this, you need to copy the expression from the body of the editor or directly from the documentation itself.

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