How to add an unsubscribe link to an email template
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Each email should have an unsubscribe button. This button should be visible for your recipients. There are three ways to add the button:

  • Use the “Unsubscribe” module in Stripo. This module inserts the text “Unsubscribe from the mailing” into your email with an already added link for unsubscription. The text can be changed but do not delete the <unsubscribe> tag.
  • Bind the link to the text yourself. Select the required text, and in the editing block click on the special button that will enclose the selected text in the unsubscribe tag.
  • Make the text as a link and select the type "Unsubscription from the mailing" for it in the link settings (in the settings panel on the left). (The link will look like this in the email code: <a href="%unsubscribe-link%">Link text</a>).

If you forget to add the link for unsubscription to the email template and try to send the mailing, the system will warn you by displaying a corresponding message.

Sometimes the email may not be displayed correctly in the mail service. For such cases, a link to view the email in a browser can be embedded in the email body. This link is added in the same way as a link for unsubscription, with the exception of one thing - you should select the "View in browser" option in the link settings panel (take a look at the screenshot above). The link will look like this in the email code: <a href="%web-version-link%">Link text </a>.

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