Working with tags in the order card and the customer list
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In the order card, you can display the "Tags" field in the "Customer" block, where all tags added to the customer are displayed. The pinned tag is displayed at the top of the list.

Tags can be displayed via the "Display customer fields in orders" option.

The list of customers also allows you to filter by tags. You can select multiple tags at once. If several tags are selected in the filter, the "AND" condition is applied. That is, only those customers that have the tags selected in the filter will be displayed. Selecting "No tags set" will display customers without tags.

In the list of customers, you can apply tags to multiple customers at once. First, select the required customers and click on the "Actions" button. In the list that opens, there are two options available that relate to tags:

  • Add tag - this assigns a tag to the customer card of all selected customers. If the required tag is not there, enter the name of the new tag in the search bar, and then click on the "Create" option, which will be displayed below the line.
  • Remove tag - removes the tag from the selected customers. This option is not available if the selected customer does not have any tags.
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