Creating and working with tags
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‘Tags’ allow system operators to mark multiple or individual customers according to a specific category. Tags differ from segments in that they are used for reference purposes, and allow operators to quickly mark customers by specific characteristics, queries or issues. The tags that appear in the customer's card are also displayed in their orders in the "Customer" block, if the corresponding field is active in the "Display customer fields in orders".

Separate statistics is also collected for tagged customers. In customer-based analytics, tags are available in the global filter and in the universal widget.

How to create a new tag?

Tags can be added to individual customers via the customer card. To add a tag, locate the ‘Tags’ section in the ‘Main data’ block and press the ‘Add’ icon.

Rights for creating tags are configured in the user group in the "Customers" section. The rights to change tags in the customer card appear for the manager with the right to edit customers.

If some tags have already been created, a list of previous tags will appear. To assign a tag to the customer, simply click on the desired tag and it will appear immediately in the ‘Main data’ section under ‘Tags’. You must then click on the tag and press the ‘Attach’ button. To remove the tag, press the assigned tag and click ‘Detach’. Previously created tags can also be edited. To edit a tag, click on the three dots to the right of any tag in the list. A second window will appear where the name and colour of the tag can be changed. Tags can also be deleted via the dustbin icon in the bottom right corner. Make sure to press ‘Save’ when you have finished editing.

To create a new tag in the system, start typing your desired tag name into the search box above the list of tags. If this tag doesn’t already exist, you will be prompted to create it. To do so, press the ‘Create’ button to the left.


The most recently used tags are displayed at the top of the list, and the rest are sorted by popularity.

When you click on the added tag, it becomes possible to pin it. The pinned tag appears next to the customer's name and moves to the very top of the list.

Actions with tags are recorded in the customer's history of changes.

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