Bulk deleting of orders
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If you need to delete several orders at once, select the orders that are to be deleted from the general list (using the checkbox). The "Actions" button will then appear. Upon clicking, a list with available actions will be displayed. From here, simply select the "Delete" button.

Before deleting, a warning will be displayed: “Are you sure you want to delete the selected orders? This operation is irreversible."

Orders are deleted in the background, so as not to interrupt your work in the system. As soon as you start the deletion process, a notification will appear: “The action is being performed. You will receive a notification upon completion”.

When orders are deleted, the user who launched the operation will receive the following notification: “The “Delete” action has been performed successfully for X orders and has failed for Y orders. Read more in the log”. If there are no errors when deleting, you won’t see mentions about them in the notification.

Sometimes an operation to delete orders cannot be added to the queue. In this case you will see: “The action hasn’t been launched, perhaps the server is overloaded. We apologise, please try again later”.

For users to delete orders, the corresponding rights must be enabled in the user group settings.

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