Main user settings
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To add a new user, click on the button of the same name in the "Users" section in the system administrative settings. To edit, click anywhere in the row of data for the desired user.

The "Administrator" checkbox gives the user full access to the system and its functions.


Managers with “Administrator” rights are considered in the license as seperate users for the “retailCRM Chat” and “Activities” modules.

Do not forget to specify which user group the user belongs to . Users in different groups can be granted access rights to particular parts of the system, depending on their role.

"Notify by email" - notifications that are available from the system header will be duplicated as an email.

You can also add a photo to the user's profile. To do this, click on the "Upload a photo" link and select the required image in your file explorer. You can also install a photo in the customer card when editing it, and in the manager's profile (in the "Activities" section).

Deleting a user

To delete a user click on the "Trash" button.

When deleting a user the following is available:

  • move his incomplete orders to the general queue or to another manager;
  • reassign uncompleted tasks to another manager or to a group of managers. The user is deleted with the subsequent saving of data about his work in the "Analytics" section.


The user can be restored within 14 days after deletion by clicking on the link and going to the "Actions Log". The user is restored inactive with the settings and rights at the time of deletion, the user groups memberships are also restored, if the latter are not deleted.


By analogy, a user can also be deleted when the system is frozen, if it is necessary to reduce the number of licenses to purchase.

Information about a user deleting/restoring is displayed in the Actions Log.

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