Viewing analytics by income and costs
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A single filter is attached to the top of the page. With it you can:

  • collect statistics for all or for any selected store
  • select the time period for which you want to view statistics

There are two types of report available: by cost items (expanded view) and by cost groups (collapsed view).

The report aggregates indicators on the store's income and costs, displaying the financial result of work with orders (profit or loss for the month).

The system generates a report according to the following method: revenue and purchase price of products are included in the report on the date when the order is transferred to the "Completed" status. The remaining costs are distributed evenly by days in the period specified in the cost.

The report compares income and costs in one period.

Costs are divided into 2 types: variable (up to gross profit, change with changes in sales volumes) and fixed (after gross profit, do not depend on changes in sales volumes).

Costs data is presented in two ways, 1) in monetary terms, and 2) as a percentage ratio of the cost item to the amount of revenue. As a result, the user can clearly see which of the costs have the greatest impact on revenue (as a rule, the largest cost item in the order is the purchase cost of the product). Graphically, this ratio can be seen in the "Dynamics of income and costs" widget .

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