"Best managers" widget
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This widget displays top managers who have the highest value for a certain indicator in the specified period. The report is built by the current responsible manager at the time of the widget generation. The small percentages at the top of the indicator refer to the change in the current value compared to the previous one. Let's consider several parameters:

Average order value- shows the sum of purchases made by customers for a certain period, divided by the number of AOVs (purchases) for the same period.

Upsale- shows the sum for the added items, taking into account discounts and the quantity of products added after the initial ordering. That is, the difference between the initial to the final order sum is taken into account.

The settings allow you to specify which parameters must not be included in the total indicators.


When at least one of the last two checkboxes is activated, filtering no longer occurs by order creation date. Rather, filtering occur by the status transition date or by the date of full payment (depending on active checkboxes). That is, upon activation, the selection of customers can increase, since there is no filtering by date.

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