Working with corporate customers in OpenCart
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To configure the ability to work with corporate customers, go to the OpenCart application settings and enable the processing of corporate customers.

Transfer corporate customer data

When creating a corporate customer from OpenCart, the name of the organisation will be written in the following fields:

  • Contact name;
  • Company name;
  • Name of the corporate customer.

This data is also updated in RetailCRM if it is changed in OpenCart.


A customer becomes a corporate customer if the "Billing address" field is filled in an OpenCart order. The corporate customer exists only in the order.

Transfers from OpenCart to RetailCRM

Delivery address data is transferred to the "Delivery" column in an order on the RetailCRM side. This data can be edited in the order in OpenCart, and all changes to the delivery address in OpenCart will be reflected in RetailCRM.

Billing address data is transferred to the "Registration address" column in the corporate customer card. This data can be edited in the order in OpenCart. The changed data will be reflected in the registration address in the corporate customer card in RetailCRM


The billing address data is not transferred to the order!

Transfers from RetailCRM to OpenCart

When creating an order from RetailCRM, the invoice address is pushed into OpenCart from the "Delivery" section. When editing an address in RetailCRM, the changes appear in the "Billing address" column in an OpenCart order.

The delivery address in OpenCart is taken from the "Delivery" section in RetailCRM. The data of the delivery address is editable. Data that is changed in RetailCRM will also change in OpenCart.


If a region is specified in RetailCRM that cannot be found in OpenCart, then you will need to manually add the region to the OpenCart order.

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