Working with corporate customers in WooCommerce
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To begin working with corporate customers, activate the processing of corporate customers option in the application settings.

Transfer of corporate customer data

When creating a corporate customer in WooCommerce, the name of the organisation will be written in the following fields:

  • Contact name;
  • Company name;
  • Name of the corporate customer.

This data is also updated in the system if it is changed in WooCommerce.


A customer becomes a corporate customer if the "Billing address" field is filled in a WooCommerce order. The corporate customer exists only in the order.

Direction from WooCommerce to CRM

Delivery address data is transferred to the order of the system (to the "Delivery" block). Any changes to the delivery address in WooCommerce will also be reflected in RetailCRM.

These billing addresses are transferred to the order of the system (to the "Registration address" column of the corporate customer) as well as to the corporate customer card, to the registration addresses. Once transferred, the billing address is no longer involved in synchronisation.

Direction from CRM to WooCommerce

Once added, the billing address does not participate in synchronisation. When you create an order from RetailCRM, the billing address is passed to WooCommerce from the "Delivery" section.

The delivery address in WooCommerce is taken from the "Delivery" section of the system. These addresses are available for editing and participate in synchronisation (if they change in the system, they will also change in WooCommerce).

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