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If you select the action "Send email with template" or "Send SMS with template", you can save the filled in fields as a template by clicking on the"Save as template"button located in the bottom right corner of the window.

Please note that when you select the action"Send email with template", you must insert an unsubscribe link into the template itself. When the customer clicks on the link, they are automatically unsubscribed from the mailing and the corresponding mark is displayed in the customer's card in the "Email subscription" field.

How are conversions calculated in a rule?

In the list of actions there is a column"Use in conversion calculation", where you can select the action by which the conversion is calculated. By default, if no action has been selected to calculate the conversion, then the calculation is performed according to the first action in the list.

The method for calculating the conversion depends on the type of action:

*Send email with template*- only opened emails are taken into account. Send SMS with template- only delivered SMS are taken into account. Create task- only created tasks are taken into account. Send notification**- only created notifications are taken into account.

Saved templates are available in one click in the same window and are displayed in the left column. You can remove templates by clicking on the "trash" icon to the right of the template name.

When adding an action to send an e-mail / SMS, you can specify a restriction on the action.

Please note that without the selected action, the rule works only for collecting information.

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