Where marketing rules are enabled
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The demo system contains demo data that is not processed and does not generate events.


To work with marketing rules, you must delete demo data from the system .

To activate this function, you must go to the "Marketing rules" tab, the "Integration" section. Rules are enabled in the system by default.

Please notethat rules are not available for accounts in dev mode.

The setting"Limit the number of communications with the customer"limits the number of marketing items sent to customers. When the setting is enabled, an additional setting "Maximum number of communications with the customer" appears, which allows you to set the number of messages to be sent to the customer within certain time range. For example, 2 messages every 7 days.


Communications / messages refer to the total number of e-mails and SMS.

Communications over the specified limit will not be sent.

Communications canceled due to restrictions are recorded in the action log and can be seen in detail in the marketing rules block in the bottom left of the customer and order cards.

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