SMS list
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Various filters can be applied to the SMS list, similar to order list or customer list.

When you click on the subject of a message in the list, you can open the text of the selected message.


When in the "Queued to be sent" status, the system will periodically send messages until the sending is successful.

SMS delivery status

The system has the following statuses that allow you to track whether the your SMS has reached the customer or not:

  • "In the queue for sending" - the SMS is in the queue for sending to the operator;
  • “Forwarded to the operator” - the SMS was sent to the operator and is being transferred for delivery;
  • "In the process of delivery" - the SMS is being delivered to the recipient;
  • "Delivered" - the SMS was delivered to the recipient;
  • "Not delivered" - the SMS was not delivered to the recipient;
  • "Unknown state" - this status contains all SMS sent before September 1, 2015.

The status of an SMS is checked in intervals from several minutes to several hours, depending on how long ago the notification was sent. The last request from the system is made 24 hours after the SMS was sent. As soon as the system receives information about the final status of SMS delivery - "Delivered" or "Not delivered", the data request for these notifications stops.

There are several explanations for a failed SMS delivery:

  • the recipient's number is incorrect in the system;
  • the recipient is in a roaming zone;
  • the name of the SMS sender wasn't verified;
  • the recipient's phone is off;
  • the recipient is offline;
  • the recipient's phone memory is full;
  • the recipient's phone is damaged;
  • technical problems on the operator's side
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