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The filters on the page will help you quickly find the desired conversation record. These filters are activated and deactivated in the same way as the filters on the order and customer lists orders / customers.

The list of calls displays the following information:

  • Which employee made a call (full name of the employee);
  • The customer that called (full name of the customer, order number and phone number);
  • Basic call information (date and time, type, duration, result).

You can listen to the conversation recording directly from the list by clicking on "||".


The presence of a call recording is determined by the connected telephony, i.e. the recording is present in the system if the telephony supports the function of transferring call records.

"Linking" to the customer and the order will allow you to quickly open customer and order information

At the end of the list, depending on the filter confuguration, the total number of calls, their average and total duration are displayed.

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